Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Washing Hands

S. has reached a new milestone – I no longer have to hold her up to the sink to wash her hands.  She is finally tall enough to stand on a little stepstool and just barely get her hands under the water.  I still have to turn the water on and help her with the soap, but that’s no big deal.  I am just so pleased not to have to hold her up anymore.  Of course, it will be another two years until K. is tall enough to reach, but for now I can enjoy the fact that she is still relatively light to lift up.  Ah, the things that make my life exciting.

K. is starting to walk now (11 ½ months), which is quite exciting.  It took S. until she was 14 months, perhaps because she didn’t have an older sibling role model.  K. wants to do everything that S. does.

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