Sunday, September 18, 2005

How many outfits a day?

S. is now fully into that phase of being extremely interested in clothing. She can get herself dressed and undressed for the most part, and is enjoying using that new power multiple times a day. It is driving me crazy! All day long she puts on new outfits and discards old ones. There are clothes strewn all over the house. Rarely is anything matching or weather-appropriate, so if we go anywhere I still have to change her. I got her a used chest of drawers recently (yard-sale of a friend) with most of the handles missing. I hoped that that would hinder her, but she is still able to get the drawers open. I'm hoping that she will outgrow this phase soon. If not, I will have to be more creative. When my sister-in-law had the same problem with her daughter, she took her whole bureau and moved it to her bedroom, and kept the door locked. However, our room is so small, that wouldn't work for me. Plus the door doesn't lock.

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