Friday, September 23, 2005

Baby Shower

I went to a shower tonight for a lady having her fourth child. Her oldest is not quite five yet. It makes me very tired to think how tired she must be. I've observed her with her children in church, and I wonder how she can do it, especially with them so close together. Amazingly, she said tonight that she wants to have lots more children! I'm impressed that anyone could feel that way when they are enormously pregnant.

The shower was typical. We only played one game, thank goodness. Refreshments, and then the presentfest. I was the only person that gave her books (board books for babies and toddlers). Unfortunately, I started to develop a splitting headache, so I did not enjoy socializing that much. A few people brought their kids, which I find a little sad. I'm so glad I have a husband so I can leave mine at home. Some of my friends have to drag their kids wherever they go because their husbands either work weird hours, or won't be left alone with them. The latter fills me with disgust! How can you have children and not be willing to care for them? Also, ever notice how some people, including mothers, use the word "babysitting" to refer to fathers watching their children? As in, Joe is babysitting the kids tonight. That drives me crazy.

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