Monday, October 15, 2007

Where did it come from?

I'm in the pediatrician's office this morning, nursing M, while K and S have their 3 and 5 year old checkups. I finish feeding M and put her back in the carseat. Soon thereafter I notice a wet spot on my shirt, near my waist. "Who leaked on me?!" I exclaim. "Or did I leak on myself [breastmilk]?" I mutter. The doctor looks slightly alarmed (note: pediatricians without kids themselves take everything a little too seriously, especially mysterious bruises on 3 year olds). Anyway, I discretely lift my shirt and give a sniff, hoping to smell breastmilk. Nope. It's pee. Gross. I pick M back up, and give her clothing a feel. It's completely dry, and she has a onesie shirt on with pants overtop. There's no way pee could leak out without getting her clothing wet. So where did it come from? Makes no sense to me.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Background: S turned five last week, and so missed the kindergarten cutoff. I am going against conventional wisdom, and not sending her to preschool, for various reasons.

She has a full-blown case of ask-a-question-a-minute, and has had it for quite a while. She follows me around most of day, firing them off like a machine gun. It drives me crazy most of the time, as ninety percent of the questions fall into two categories: questions to which she already knows the answer, or questions to which there are no answers. I enjoy answering the other ten percent, as I feel that I am actually helping her learn. I do realize that the other questions are developmentally appropriate, and help her make sense of her world, but they are so fatiguing! However, I did have a realization today that helped me feel a little better. If she were at preschool, there is no way she would be getting the same adult attention that would allow her to ask so many questions. So I guess I am doing some good!