Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita

It's interesting to see how reactions to the impending storm are different since Katrina hit. The media is having its usual frenzy, of course, but local leaders seem eager to show that they have learned from "the lessons of Katrina." I did notice that one city (was it Galveston or Houston?) is not going to have a shelter of last resort, à la SuperDome. Hmmm. I wonder why! So far, the urgency is greater, and more people are evacuating this time. However, the hundred mile long traffic jams don't bode well. I would really hate to be sitting in an interstate parking lot for hours on end in the heat.

This may not seem very nice to say, but I hope Rita goes for New Orleans. It has to go somewhere, and N. O. is already flood damaged, half-ruined, and evacuated. It would save a lot of tax payer dollars if N. O. got the brunt of it.

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