Tuesday, September 13, 2005

John Roberts mentioned on NBC

Last night on the evening news, NBC let out a zinger that really irked me. I don't have the actual transcipt, so I must paraphrase. Basically, they mentioned the confirmation hearings of John Roberts, and how many were interested in his record on civil rights, since the hurricane (switch to footage of desperate minority New Orleanians) has shown us again the economic disparity that exists in this country. Yep, that was all one sentence. John Roberts, civil rights and economic disparity in N.O. linked together. Just another example of media bias, as well as poor journalism. I'm just a tad conservative, if you can't figure that out.

Honestly! I refuse to believe that it was racism that caused that mess down there. Poverty, I can go for ( in part), but no politician or FEMA employee is stupid enough in 2005 to do or not do anything along the lines of "ah, just a bunch of blacks - let'em drown." I just don't believe it. Government beaurocracy is to blame for the slow response. Let's be honest - we've all experienced the inefficiency of government, no matter what our race (been to the DMV lately?). But don't mistake me - I do not blame the government for the entire scope of the suffering. The hurricane is to blame. The suffering was increased by the poverty of those in its path. Maybe sometime I'll elaborate on what I think contributes to poverty.

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