Monday, September 12, 2005


Both of my daughters are actually sleeping at the same time! This is a big deal, since the oldest, S., doesn't take many naps anymore. She'll want to stay up way to late tonight as a result, but I'm enjoying a little peace and quiet now. Today is just another ordinary Monday - a day that I should dedicate to recovering the house from the mess created over the weekend, but instead becomes a day where I tell myself I can catch up on laundry tomorrow. Although I did do a little ironing a while ago. It's hard to do that when K. is awake, as she is at that age of pulling up and grabbing.
This morning I pushed the girls in the stroller down to Rite Aid to check out the bargains. They run a good rebate program, and I often get free or very cheap items. My finds today were Zantac for free and Electrasol for 99 cents. It's kind of embarrassing to be such a bargain hunter. I know the clerks recognize me now as the woman who comes in on Mondays to get the good stuff before it's gone. But sometimes ya gotta swallow your pride when the budget is tight. I tell myself it's a small sacrifice to be a stay-at-home mom.

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