Saturday, September 17, 2005

Early to Rise

Why is that children get up earlier on Saturday than any other day of the week? My two little munchkins had been sleeping decently late all week (around 7 AM), but this morning K. starts fussing at 6:11 AM. It was still dark out, so there's no excuse for it! J. got her up and brought her in to our bed, but that was the end of sleep. I've been told that other people's children will snuggle or doze with them in those early morning hours. Never happened here; not with S. or K. Oh well, it helped me get a real jump on the day. I made omelettes and was ready to run errands before some of the stores were even open. Makes me feel very industrious. I catch myself thinking, "Why aren't these businesses open before 9 or even 10 AM? Don't they know it's Saturday morning?

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