Monday, October 31, 2005 - Do Witches Breast-Feed?

A Vermont couple set up a scarecrow witch "breastfeeding" a baby witch in their yard, and the local townfolk are ready to have a burning. For goodness sakes, people, calm down. There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding! I'm not an anti-bottle fanatic, but I am definitely pro-breastfeeding, especially in public (as long as you are somewhat discreet). Breastfeeding is best for the baby, and how can more mothers be encouraged to do it if they are made to feel like social outcasts for months on end? It's a big sacrifice to breastfeed. Don't make us feel like we have to stay shut up in the house, or go to nasty public restrooms. It so upsets me that people would even dare suggest that.

One outraged town resident says that she is "not ready to explain nursing to her 4-year old grandson." Explain? It's not the birds and the bees talk. Just tell the kid that that is how babies get their milk. Fox News's opening line to this little piece was less than supportive, "If there was one thing we didn't want to see the Wicked Witch of the West do, it's this." Shame on you, Fox!

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