Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Car Troubles

I’ve been susceptible to cabin fever lately; if I don’t get out of the house every day I go a little crazy.  Unfortunately, my car is in the shop today, so I may go wacko if they have to keep it too long!  For months now, I’ve smelled a faint odor of gas.  We’ve had it looked at by a down-home kind of mechanic, who couldn’t find anything wrong.  So I figured it couldn’t be all that serious, or at least not serious enough to blow us all sky-high.  But this week I started using the heater, and what a stink!  The gas smell is unbearable now, and probably damaging all of our brain cells.  I had to turn off the heat and ride with the windows open.  Not to mention how nervous it makes me.  So I took it in this morning, which involved dragging the girls down in their pajamas and coats, moving car seats (one of my least favorite activities) and having grandpa drive us back home.  

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