Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Condoleeza Rice according to Eugene Robinson

Here's another example of reverse stereotyping. This opinion article speculates on why Rice is who she and works for whom she does. He doesn't quite say it, but it's almost as if her parents are to blame for giving her a sheltered, upper-middle class childhood, complete with piano lessons.

A friend of Rice's, Denise McNair, was one of the four girls killed in the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. That would have left a deep scar on me, but Rice can speak of that atrocity without visible emotion.

Keyword: visible. That is a very unfair criticism in my opinion. What's wrong with being able to control your emotions? Not everyone shows grief and anger in the same way.

She doesn't deny that race makes a difference. "We all look forward to the day when this country is race-blind, but it isn't yet," she told reporters in Birmingham. Later she added, "The fact that our society is not colorblind is a statement of fact."

So what's wrong with that? I think Robinson needs to stop expecting all black to think, act, and vote exactly the same way.

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