Monday, October 31, 2005

Bush Selects Alito for Supreme Court

Let Act II begin! This is why the Democrats were so supportive of Miers, Christian evangelical background, and all. They knew they would be better off with her than with an Alito type. This should be a nasty fight. When reading a bit about his record in this Post article, one thing jumped out at me that will surely be a focus of the smear campaigns.

Alito joined joined a Third Circuit panel in upholding most of a Pennsylvania law imposing numerous restrictions on women seeking abortions. The law, among other things, required physicians to advise women of the potential medical dangers of abortion and tell them of the alternatives available. It also imposed a 24-hour waiting period for abortions and barred minors from obtaining abortions without parental consent.

"Imposing numerous restrictions"?? Come on. Physicians should tell of potential dangers of abortion, as they do for any surgery. A 24-hour waiting period is not that harsh. Many states have similar or longer waiting periods to buy guns, and those guns probably aren't going to kill people. And yes, minors need parental consent for other medical work, so why not abortion?

Now, in that same case Alito did support a provision requiring husband notification, which I am not too keen on. He felt that it did not impose an undue burden. (Does this indicate that he has a very good marriage himself?) I suppose that spousal notification is supposed to protect a father's rights, but when it comes to 9 months of pregnancy, the father's rights are insignificant compared to the mother's. However, having said that, let me be clear that I am firmly opposed to abortion. And although I may not agree with Alito on that particular item, I do want to see a reasonably conservative, intelligent person on the Court, so based on what I have learned so far, I support his nomination.

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