Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Wheels on the Bus are Kinder Now

Recently at our public library storytime, I noticed a change to popular children’s song.  Anyone who’s ever sung “The Wheels on the Bus” knows that after the baby goes, “wah, wah, wah” the parents on the bus go, “shh, shh, shh.”  It’s a fun song, at least until you’ve been forced to sing it three hundred times.  My girls particularly liked the “shh, shh, shh.”  It’s easy for a baby to pick up.  Well, at the library, all of the mommies, toddlers (and a lone daddy), are happily singing along when I am startled to hear, “The parents on the bus go ‘I love you.’”  No one else batted an eye, and since I don’t attend very regularly, I obviously missed the big changeover.  I haven’t talked to the woman in charge yet; so I should reserve my judgment, but I won’t!  She’s a nice lady and does a good job.  I’m guessing that someone who was a little too fond of the misguided self-esteem movement came up with the idea that shushing your child is too harsh, and wrote a more feel-good replacement.  So the library lady heard the new version, and probably thought that it was sweet, and made the change without much thought.  But I’m annoyed!  What is wrong with a little shsshhing in a public place like a bus?  Besides a loving, rhythmic shsshhing can actually be very soothing for an infant.  Anyway, kids like the song the way it is.  Leave it alone.  Has anyone else heard this new version?

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Anna said...

PC is so out of hand.

I like your site...can you tell? This is my third comment this evening! :)