Thursday, January 19, 2006

Double Booking

Another exhausting trip to the pediatrician this morning.  This time it was just K’s 15 month check-up.  The good news is her ears are fine now, and she is healthy.  My complaint is that I had to wait for one whole hour before seeing the doctor.  When I signed in for my 10:30 appointment, I noticed a baby signed in on the line above for a 10:30 check-up with the same doctor.  She probably waited about ½ hour before being called back.  This really annoys me.  Both appointments were for standard check-ups; mine was made three months ago.  I can understand if a sick child needs to be seen at the last minute, but this was not the case.  Waiting with two children for an hour in a crowded waiting room and the examining room is no joke.  I’m considering switching to another doctor.

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