Sunday, January 08, 2006 - Utah megaplex balks at 'Brokeback' - Jan 8, 2006 - Utah megaplex balks at 'Brokeback' - Jan 8, 2006
Sigh. It's things like this that give Utah a bad name among certain groups of people who fight for freedom for certain groups of people. However, it is a free country (to quote all middle-schoolers out there), and if the theatre owners don't want to show a certain movie, they shouldn't have to. I'm guessing that there will be much ado about this decision, at least in Utah.

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Bookworm said...

You're so right. In a market economy, businesses are free to make whatever decisions they wish, and then to face the market consequences. And you're right about the fact that, in Utah, or at least that corner of Utah, there probably won't be negative consequences.