Wednesday, January 04, 2006 Employee cost of health plans vary
This article is good, as far it goes, which isn't very far. It did at least start to mention that many small businesses don't offer health insurance for their employees, but failed to state explicitly that the reason is that Anthem (Virginia's insurance monopoly) charges small businesses more. Outrageous!

Then there is the usual talk of how various politicians want to help (or require) smaller businesses to provide insurance. This is misguided at best! Currently, if your employer doesn't provide insurance, you can go to Anthem and get a plan for much cheaper than the awful small business rate. I know this based on personal experience.

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Anna said...

My husband works in a three man office. Luckily, here in Ohio, they have insurance through COSE (Council for Smaller Enterprises) and it's pretty good coverage. Small businesses get together to purchase health insurance and it's much cheaper that way.