Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Canada's Election

Back when Bush was reelected, to the horror of liberals, I recall hearing (on NPR?) about how increasing numbers of U.S. citizens were emigrating to our liberal neighbor to the north. Canadian immigration officials were even coming to the Seattle area to hold classes for those interested. I wonder how those former Americans feel now!

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Lynn Green said...

I doubt tht even with a conservative in government, Canada will abandon its social democracy. Don't look for our neighbors to the north to swap their health care system for ours. And even though the new PM says he opposes gay marriage, I doubt very much that he will reverse it. For one, he has a minority government.

The election was more about the scandals of the Liberal government. If the NDP had not abandoned the Liberals over the Quebec scandal, the Liberal government would still be in power.

In other words, the government has been changed, the rhetoric towards Dumbya will soften, but don't expect them to send their boys to our phony war of terrorism.