Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sleep interrupted

So I have sick kids, and had a bad night last night.

The first sleep interruption was at 12:45.

Then 1:45.

Then 2:45.

So when I was just dozing off AGAIN, and heard M cry, I knew without looking that it was 3:45. But I looked anyway, and I was correct to the minute! Kind of cool, but not really. The last one was at 4:30, so that blew the pattern. But still, it's weird.


Mother 25 - 8 said...

I FOUND YOU! I have a link to the entire Harman blog, but not to yours singly! So I'm happy now! Yeah, that Klondike derby thing? I was selfish the whole time. Didn't care that Matt was going to freeze, but rather that I'd be with the kids for about 36 hours all by myself.

I just got mad at Ange cuz she told me she was done, I wiped her, and she said, "I still have to poop still" so 3 minutes later she called me again to wipe and I just got mad.

missyjeanne said...

My poor kids, with me being pregnant, they don't get the love they need when they are sick--getting up in the middle of the night, would surely mean puking--so I lay in bed and listen to them cry, until Jarrett gets up all angry and mean, I hope they understand in the long run.

Heather said...

Oh well, give 'em too much love when they're sick, and that'll just make them want to be sick more often! Kidding.