Friday, January 25, 2008

A Blankie by Any Other Color

Ever seen a baby blanket that color? Probably not. This is K's precious green blankie, that I washed with a bright orange skirt I bought at one of those Indian stalls at an outdoor mall. Thank goodness I didn't wash it with anything else.

It's one of those thermal receiving blankets that you can buy most anywhere. When she was an infant, I could tell that she was wanting to get attached to something, so I encouraged her to adopt a thermal blanket, since I had several already, and they're so easy to replace. For the first two years she would take anyone of them, which was really handy. Can't find the green one at bedtime? No need to search the house over; just pull out a pink one. Left the pink one at Grandma's house three hours away? No problem - spares await at home. But by the time she was two, she foiled us by emphatically preferring the green one. A few times in the dark at night I was able to pull a switcheroo, but that's all.

So when I pulled her green blankie (or "blan-blan" as she often calls it) out of the washing machine, I was horrified. But it turned out better than I thought. At first she didn't believe me, thinking it was just another second-rate substitute. Then when I explained what happened she cried just a little. For a day, she tried to take a pink one instead. But now, she has gone back to her trusty green/orange favorite, and isn't even mad about it.


Mother 25 - 8 said...

Yeah, so Angela's really sick now, so I'm going to have to cancel the party tomorrow!!!! We'll be rescheduling, but for reals, she's got the fever, etc.

Cute blankie story by the way!

ANd Addi's beside herself!

Heather said...

Something real nasty is going around. Marina's got both ears infected, and everyone else in the house is hacking away. Fun, fun, fun.