Monday, December 05, 2005


We have our first snow of the season.  So far there’s about three inches on the ground, with a few more in the forecast.  As usual, my fellow Virginians are all in a tizzy about it. To listen to the news, you’d think this is the first time that winter has ever come.  It’s embarrassing how quickly everything shuts down.  Schools let out before snow started sticking to the roads.  True, we don’t have the snowplow equipment to keep our roads clear that northern states do, but still . . . .

Sophie and I went out and made a snowman.  This was the first year that she really got into the whole thing.  I thought her stamina was pretty good for a three year old.  Even after she fell down the steps and landed on her face on the asphalt, she wouldn’t go in.  After an hour, I finally forced her inside, since I knew Kate would be waking up from her nap. So it was a milestone day for me as a mother – I have a child old enough to enjoy playing in the snow.

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