Friday, December 16, 2005

Reaction to Iraq Election

The election in Iraq went well.  There was little violence and voter turnout.  I noticed the morning news shows didn’t seem to mention this major positive news event, although they had plenty of pessimism to spread around before the election.  So I turned to the Washington Post to see what they had to say, if anything.  There is a large headline on the subject, but not surprisingly, they managed to put the most negative spin on the good news that they could.

For President Bush, the strong turnout for Iraq's election yesterday may represent the best day since the fall of Baghdad 32 months ago because all major factions participated in the political process, according to U.S. and Middle East analysts. But the sobering reality, they added, is that the vote by itself did not resolve Iraq's lingering political disputes.

Really?  What a shocker.  We vote here all the time, and yet we still have “lingering” political disputes.  

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