Sunday, December 11, 2005

Post-election Surprise

To my surprise, there is an article in the WaPost detailing Governor-Elect Kaine's plan to have universal preschool in Virginia by the time his four year term is up. This should not be a surprise. Back before the election, I spent a lot of time and thought on my vote. Not content just to listen to the TV commercials, I researched each candidate carefully, or so I thought. But somehow, I missed this little bit of massive spending for which Kaine is already working on the plans. I'm somewhat aggravated by this. Why is it so hard to get the facts ahead of time? I doubt he deliberately concealed this plan - after all, it is bound to be popular with many people - it's my fault for not picking up on it, I guess. However, something this significant should have been discussed more openly. I didn't vote for Kaine anyway, so it's not like this changes anything, but it does illustrate problems with voter information. If someone like me, who actually went out of her way to study the candidates' platforms, feels a bit broadsided, where does that leave so many other citizens?

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