Saturday, December 08, 2007

Leaky Green

In the last 24 hours I have had two items crack and leak for no apparent reason. The reason that this is noteworthy is that both are made of hard green plastic, and have no relation to each other.

1. the Christmas tree stand - This is sad, because now I cannot keep much water in the stand, so the tree will die soon. The only way around this is to water the tree small amounts every hour or so, or to completely undecorate the tree, and put it in a new stand. Neither one of those options is gonna happen.

2. A bottle of Gain laundry detergent leaked underneath my bathroom sink, coating other items, none of which are convenient to clean.

1 comment:

GrowingRopers said...

dont say that...i use gain! i better not have a leak. i HATE any sort of soap leak! my baby soap always seams to leak. i put it in a ziplock bag whenever we travel...but it still manages to leak all over itself which still isnt fun. who wants to take the time to bathe the bottle before the kid!?!?