Sunday, November 13, 2005

Quick Weekend Trip

Now that my husband works at a bank I don’t complain about bank holidays anymore.  Saturday was a stake temple day, so we decided to make an outing of it and went up (to D.C.) on Friday and did a little shopping that afternoon.  It’s not too easy dragging the girls around, but we did get to a few stores that we don’t have around here.  Most exciting, I finally got a winter dress coat for myself at Burlington.  We then went to my sister’s place in Mclean for the night.  That evening I went to Tyson’s Corner Mall by myself, but didn’t buy anything.  It’s fun to look there, but most of it just isn’t in my budget.  

This was the first overnight trip we’d taken since July, so I was curious to see how Kate had changed – I was hoping for the better.  Both girls ended up going to sleep way later than usual (we paid for that yesterday), but once they were asleep they stayed out all night.  Sophie did fall off of the sofa twice, but landed on our air mattress and never woke up.  Saturday, my sister watched them while J. and I went to the temple which was spiritually refreshing as usual.  Tomorrow will be the big clean-up-from-the-weekend day.

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