Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Motherly Sympathy

It's possible that I don't have enough of it. Yesterday the girls and I were out in the yard, and S was barefoot, as she often is (I am totally in favor of letting kids go barefoot). She comes limping over to me at one point crying about her foot. So I take a look, and see a little thorn, and pull it out. She continues to whine and cry about it for about an hour, and beg for a band-aid. Now S used to be a very tough kid who could shake off most any injury, but lately she has turned very whiney - perhaps it's a five-year-old-thing. Anyway, that's my defense. So I continue to tell her to be brave, that it's no big deal, etc.

Then, I notice that our lawn, which consists mostly of clover, has quite a few bees in it . . . . and I realize that she had stepped on a bee! That explains why the thorn looked so odd - it was really a stinger. Oops!


Megan said...

Good thing she's not allergic.
Glad to see you are back to posting!

Target Widow said...

you're back, you're back, I'm so excited!

Jayme said...

That is something I do to my kids ALL THE TIME so your not alone.

Jon and Lauren Swinson said...

A new post! Super! I missed your motherthink. :) As for bees, well, at least it was only one!

Mother 25 - 8 said...

Great post Heather! I was hanging w/Adaline the other day and Sierra stepped on a bee. After Adaline pulled the stinger out, she just couldn't get enough of how cool it was to have a bee's partial butt with the stinger still attached right between her fingers and we were hemming and hawing over it. All the while Sierra is hopping around needing some help.
I cracked up. Motherhood. It's a funny thing!