Tuesday, March 04, 2008


M took two naps today. They both were at an appropriate time, and were of an acceptable length. For both of these naps, I did NOT have to breastfeed her to sleep, and she did NOT cry. I laid her down and she went right to sleep! Bedtime also went perfectly. None of this should be anything to brag about, since she is ELEVEN months old, but sadly, it is a big deal! I think that this is the first time that it has ever happened! Not counting her first few weeks, when she would not wake up, even to eat, (and wasn't gaining enough weight, and I about died of stress), she has been the biggest stinker about napping! I had my other two on such good schedules, and they went down happily to nap, but M has really tested the limits! It's hard to believe that she is the same baby who wouldn't wake up as an infant. But the last few days, I have seen a gradual trend towards more normal sleep behaviour. Of course, time change (a big pet peeve of mine) is coming this weekend, and will probably ruin all of my efforts.

Now if she would just sleep through the night tonight . . . That's the next big battle.


Ashley said...

okay thats really not fair!

Heather said...

Really? Are you saying that your little angel is just as bad as she was? Cause, seriously, she's so old! I had the other two going down awake for naps at 5 months!

But don't be too jealous; it's probably just a one-day fluke. Kind of like the few times that she slept through the night months ago.

Anonymous said...

I hate time change to. . .it always seems to come the week, where you have just finally gotten the kids on a great routine for bed time and getting up for school, not to mention uggg I have to get up an hour earlier!

Ashley said...

I really am saying my little "angel" has an okay pattern, meaning he usually does fall asleep about the same time for 1 nap, but he doesn't stay asleep unless he is being held, so he usually only sleeps about 20 min at a time. I love the days he actually stays asleep. Ian was on such a normal routine nap schedule by 3 months, his nighttime sleep was bad though. Corban has never slept through the night. Those are days I just dream about! Hopefully last night was good as well as naps today!