Thursday, October 11, 2007


Background: S turned five last week, and so missed the kindergarten cutoff. I am going against conventional wisdom, and not sending her to preschool, for various reasons.

She has a full-blown case of ask-a-question-a-minute, and has had it for quite a while. She follows me around most of day, firing them off like a machine gun. It drives me crazy most of the time, as ninety percent of the questions fall into two categories: questions to which she already knows the answer, or questions to which there are no answers. I enjoy answering the other ten percent, as I feel that I am actually helping her learn. I do realize that the other questions are developmentally appropriate, and help her make sense of her world, but they are so fatiguing! However, I did have a realization today that helped me feel a little better. If she were at preschool, there is no way she would be getting the same adult attention that would allow her to ask so many questions. So I guess I am doing some good!

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